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    Keshi Pearl and Sandalwood Bracelet.

    Gorgeous Freshwater Keshi Pearls with their stunning silver white colour and organic shapes are complimented beautifully by aromatic Indian White Sandalwood beads and classic sterling silver, creating a truly individual bracelet.

    White 100% silk cord adds a touch of luxury to this delicate bracelet.

    Beautifully finished with a 6mm Sterling Silver slider clasp which means this delicate bracelet is fully adjustable.

    These pearls derive their name from the Japanese word 'keshi' which means poppy.

    Keshi Freshwater Pearls are different from any other pearls because they grew without a nucleus and therefore consist only of nacre giving them their extremely desirable bright lustre.

    In India Sandalwood is given divine status and its fragrance is said to be one of the most pleasing to the Gods. 

    The light oriental, soft, warm and woody sandalwood fragrance is considered cooling, calming and soothing.

    It is said to promote humility and focus the mind of its wearer.

    • Limited Edition
    • Keshi Pearls measure 8 - 9mm
    • Indian Sandalwood beads measure 6mm
    • Sterling silver beads measure 2.5mm
    • Sterling Silver slider clasp measures 6mm
    • Keshi Pearl Focal measures Approx 6.5cm | Bracelet extends to 24cm
    • Woody, sweet and distinctive, see our Blog for more information about Sandalwood
    • Perfectly packaged in a beautiful fair trade silk pouch, handcrafted in India from sari off cuts and a pillow gift box with an information card
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