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    Turquoise Bracelet With Aromatic Sandalwood.

    Gorgeous genuine Turquoise beads with their distinctive blue colour are complimented beautifully by aromatic Indian White Sandalwood beads and classic sterling silver, creating a truly individual piece of jewellery.

    White 100% silk cord adds a touch of luxury to this delicate bracelet.

    Beautifully finished with a 6mm Sterling Silver slider clasp which means this delicate bracelet is fully adjustable.

    Turquoise is the birthstone for December.

    We do not use reconstituted turquoise (this is small pieces of stone and turquoise chalk powder with dye and plastic binder).

    The talisman of Kings, Shamans and Warriors, Turquoise is one of the world's most ancient gems thought to have been mined as early as 6000 BC.

    Its name derives from the French pierre tourques meaning "Turkish Stone", as it first arrived in Europe via Turkey, originating in Iran.

    Turquoise is very porous so all our jewellery made from this stunning gemstone is "stabilised" by impregnating the stone with a suitable substance.

    Often given as a token of friendship it is said to provide calm and protection to its wearer.

    Turquoise is a traditional birthstone for December, one of the seven Zodiac stones for Taurus and an accepted gem for an 11th Wedding Anniversary.

    In India Sandalwood is given divine status and its fragrance is said to be one of the most pleasing to the Gods. 

    The light oriental, soft, warm and woody sandalwood fragrance is considered cooling, calming and soothing.

    It is said to promote humility and focus the mind of its wearer.

    • Limited Edition
    • Turquoise beads measure 3.5mm x 2.5mm
    • Indian Sandalwood beads measure 6mm
    • Sterling silver beads measure 2.5mm
    • Sterling Silver slider clasp measures 6mm
    • Focal bead measures Approx 14cm | Bracelet extends to 24cm
    • Woody, sweet and distinctive, see our Blog for more information about Sandalwood
    • See our Blog for more information about this amazing gemstone
    • Perfectly packaged in a beautiful fair trade silk pouch, handcrafted in India from sari off cuts and a pillow gift box with an information card
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